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Balkar_Tractor Harvester_B525-01.jpeg

TMCH - B525 Series

Salient features :

  • Heavy Gear Box with hi-grade engine oil.

  • Large sieve area for optimum grain cleaning.

  • Faster unloading system.

  • High ground clearance.

  • Most modern operational efficiency.

  • Available in single stage and double stage reduction option.

  • Best quality crop cutting blades.

  • Long length thresher rotor for complete threshing

  • Most durable drives

  • Best quality V-belts, bearings and accessories used.

  • Economical and low maintenance.

  • Can operate with any tractor above 50 HP DC and PS.

Benefits :

  • Vast range of tractor selection- 41 to 45 HP (Mini series also available)

  • Mini series is good for small plot size.

  • This machine caters every class of farmer.

  • Good working in slightly wet and soft fields. 

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