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Salient features :

  • Cavalo Cultirovator selected by Pusa Krishi (ICAR-IARI) as one the best innovative products in farm mechanization. 

  • Cultirovator prepares the soil in just one round of cultivation. 

  • Cultirovator helps save 50% diesel & 50% of time. 

  • Soil is better fertilized than normal rotavator with the use of cultirovator. 

  • Cultirovator allows the soil to get quickly enriched with natural nutrients. 

  • Traditional method takes minimum 10-15 days to prepare the seed bed but our Cultirovator reduces this time by half. 

  • Cultirovator prepares the soil quickly so that moisture of previous crop is retained, thus helps in better water management. 

  • Cultirovator is beneficial for land available after reaping sugarcane, banana. jute, dried grass and any other crop. 

Supported By :

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Rotor RPM Chart
(RPM for multi-speed gear box)
Tractor PTO 540 (RPM)
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