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About Us

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Director's Message

I would like to communciate that all of us are bound by the core values of our company, culture that we have in our company, promise of innovative products that are going to continuously bring cheer to the life of farmers, quality of products which has to be uncompromised and lastly safety of our co-workers is paramount at all times.

Our Company

Our company’s goal is to provide agri-tech solutions globally. Solutions which help improve agricultural productivity for the good of the country, help alleviate the quality of life of the farmer and solutions are truly technologically advanced. Our solutions will incorporate latest IIOT technology to help improve the robustness of the product and productivity for the farmer.


Our strategy is to create infrastructure for product innovation and also indigenization of products not introduced in India so that our Indian farmers can also take advantage of the complete product range. Our products will be available in India as well as in global markets. R&D team has to be at the core of the business and customer service to ensure we are holding hands for customer to have complete confidence at all times.

Why Us ?

Cavalo is uniquely positioned to provide innovative, technologically advanced and quality products to its customers. Our products are providing lowest total cost of ownership to customers. We are solving real problems in select areas by coming up with new products and solutions that will revolutionize the industry. We are here to provide solutions which are successful on a long term basis.


Cavalo will have presence in India as well as in global markets. Indian market will have products suitable for all regional conditions in India, for all type of crops, seasons and soil types. Globally the requirements are also being customized so that we truly serve the customer better than anybody else for their local requirements and become a leader in the market.

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