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Gobin_RMB Plough-1A-01-01.jpeg

MB Plough - G Series

Salient Features :

  • It is designed to work in all type of soils, even for soil breaking, soil raising and soil turning.

  • It can plough upto 12 inches deep and eliminates dryness for storing water.

  • Designed to cope with trashy conditions with under-frame and adequate unit-to-unit clearance.

  • It has special wear-resistant steel blades with bar points for even toughest ploughing.

  • Durable : Bar points have longer life, as they can be extended till the last possible length.

  • Saves time and fuel due to higher efficiency.

Optional :

  • Available in both board type Boron & Mild Steel (MS)

Benefits :

  • Fitted with 12" , 14" & 16" mould board.

  • Complete MS board with Boron Cutting blade

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