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Agriona_GAMA Rotavator-1A1-01.jpeg

Gold - A Series

Salient features :

  • Heavy duty, verastile rotavator suitable for all kinds of soil.

  • Equipped with latest technology.

  • More efficient due to spring loaded adjustable trailing board.

  • High quality of steel used to provide super endurance.

  • Very low maintenance and low fuel consumption.

  • Durable and long lasting product.

Optional :

  • Gear Box: Single Speed / Multi speed

  • Side transmission: Gear Drive

  • Blades: C type / L type / J type / Spike

  • Drive Shaft : Shear Bolt / Slip Clutch

Rotor RPM Chart
(RPM for multi-speed gear box)
Tractor PTO 540 (RPM)
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