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Multi Crop Thresher -
G Series

Gobind_Supe Shakti Thresher-1a-01-01.jpeg

Salient Features :

Super Special Thresher

  • Maximum output of 10 Q/Hr, with only 12 HP load.

  • Good efficiency in all the crops like wheat, millet, soyabean etc.

  • Good results in even in chickpea, masoor

  • Can be fitted with almost all tractors

Super Shakti Thresher

  • Maximum output of 12 Q/Hr, with only 15 HP load

  • Very high output to input load ratio

Double Fan Thresher

  • Specialized  in separating four crops at a time (wheat, knots, mustard & fodder)

  • Automatically thresher, separates knots from wheat and again clean wheat itself.

  • No vibration during operation , hence van be used over any type of land.

Specifications - Super Special Thresher
Specifications - Super Shakti Thresher
Specifications - Double Fan Thresher
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