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Agriona_Laser Leveler-02-01.jpeg

Laser Leveler - A Series

Salient Features :

  • Gear Box : Heavy duty gear box with Indian technology, gives long life and low maintenance cost.

  • Box Frame : High quality square tubes are used for strength, fitted with double spring multi lip oil seal.

  • Leveling blades : Imported blades with optimized cutting angle for smooth running & easy leveling.

  • Side transmission : Synchronized gear drive with good quality of gears made out of EN353, for heavy load and long life.

Benefits :

  • Prepares farm bed in just one or two operations, saving about 40 % diesel & 60% time.

  • Farm bed is ready for immediate sowing.

  • Improved water management as bed preparation is very accurate so that moisture level is maintained.

  • Cavalo laser leveler-A Series can be used for any type of land like reaped sugarcane , banana, jute , dried grass etc.

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