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Agriona_ROTARY MULCHER (Deflector Side)_1A-01.jpeg

Mulcher - A Series

Salient Features :

  • Double shielded box frame.

  • Central gearbox with free wheel clutch @540 rpm.

  • External setting  of the belts.

  • Adjustable rear roller.

  • Three point hitch, Category 1-2.

  • 4 V-belts BX Type side transmission.

Optional :

  • Available in Fixed as well as Hydraulic variants.

  • Blade Tyoe : L / C / J

  • Gear Box Type : Multi Speed / Single Speed

Benefits :

  • Specially designed Flail Mower, keeping in mind the mulching requirements of sugarcane farmers

  • Cavalo Mulcher's raised deck allows for easy shredding and mulching the farm residue of almost all crops.

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